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Story Behind the Photo: The Four Seasons

Puffins are truly fascinating creatures. Before visiting Skomer I did not actually realise how small, or fast they were.

Whilst at the Wick on Skomer, puffins would whizz above our heads, so close they almost touched us with their wings, waddle between our feet and one even took a fancy to Marliek's leggings and shoelaces.

What made me laugh more than anything though were the other humans photographing these gorgeous little birds. Armed with their humongous 600+mm lenses, these photographers were trying to take a picture of the puffins that were practically by their feet with lenses that were definitely not made for such close photography. Bigger is not always better!

From my own photographic influences, I have learnt that by being closer to the subject and using a smaller lens you can convey a sense of intimacy with your subject, whilst also being able to capture them in their environment, which more often than not gets blurred out with too much bokeh.

As with any day in Wales, you can almost guarantee a multitude of different weather, from blazing sunshine to very wet and windy. Our day on Skomer was no different and I think the title is very apt for my favourite photo taken on the island. As the approaching rain came in, I ensured I had my subject focused and a shutter speed that was slow enough to capture the large drops of rain that fell from the sky.

Since puffins are such colourful birds, photographing them in black and white may be considered a sin by some, but with the dark headland behind, the barren ground at the puffin's feet and the sparkling rain drops falling, I think I have managed to convey a moody and atmospheric scene in an environment that is often rather hostile.

And I hope you agree, and if you do then you can see The Four Seasons plus more puffin shots in my online store.

Thank you for looking.


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