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I experienced my first safari at the age of twelve armed with only a compact, pocket digital camera, little did I realise the true impact it would have on my life.  Since then, not only have I been lucky enough to witness some of the world’s most incredible spectacles, but I have ensured that I remain immersed and surrounded by the planet's most fascinating creatures.

Currently, I am working for a small, boutique tour operator called Africa Odyssey.  Taking guests into the world's wildernesses to experience nature firsthand is often life-changing and I feel hugely privileged to be able to do this in everyday life. If you would like to plan or join me on safari, please send me an email at

I hope seeing my photos and reading my stories evokes your emotions and leaves you wanting to visit these incredible destinations. Sadly, that is the only way such wild environments will continue to exist in today's world.

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