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A Frosty Morning with Familiar Faces

I'm not normally a morning person, especially when it is freezing cold and the middle of winter, yet after a morning where I didn't take my camera on a walk and thoroughly regretted it, I woke up the next day determined to get a shot of some of my favourite local animals.

Highlands cows are beautiful creatures with shaggy coats and a nonchalant stare that enables some great photographic shots, especially with the right background. I spent quite a lot of the summer lockdown in the UK walking by a nearby river hoping to catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures.

Highland Cow by a river
Highland Cow in the summer

I spent hours waiting for the cows on multiple days, hoping they would actually come to the river to drink. Through some luck and some perseverance, I did manage to capture a couple of shots that I was happy with, but nothing that I thought was special enough to take place in my online store.

Although the fog had not appeared as it had on the previous day, with the temperature not far from 0 degrees centigrade, I went slipping and sliding in the mud along the river to find the same Highland Cows I had spent time with in the summer.

Whilst the photo opportunities were not the best, I managed to capture this beautiful looking animal as he checked me out kneeling down a few metres from him.

The broken fence in the background helps to create the moody picture I was after, but again I don't feel as though the shot is strong enough to take place in my online store.

Highland Cow in a field.
The textures of the fur makes Highland Cows great for black and white photography

Maybe when I have the Scottish Highlands behind the subject, I will be happy enough to include one of these beautiful creatures in one of my galleries.

Of course, you are more than welcome to disagree with me, but for now - thank you for looking.


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