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New Release: Stag Stand Off

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

There's a moment when you know you have nailed a shot. It's just that gut feeling. Quite often something ends up going wrong though, a slight wrong focus or a shutter speed that wasn't altered because you were too excited and forgot... Everything that could have gone wrong with getting a shot right, has probably happened to me and then some more.

The middle of winter is probably worst time of year in the UK and to compile the misery of awful weather and short days, the government decide to stick everyone into another lockdown...great.

There are some positives though, our natural spaces are generally quieter and even at midday the sun light is soft, allowing some great photo opportunities throughout the day.

The Royal Parks scattered throughout England contain hundreds of beautiful red and fallow deer and photographers flood to these isolated beauty spots to capture the famous rut. This generally occurs throughout October as the stags fight for dominance in order to obtain a harem of females.

Whilst I missed last year's rut due to my trip to Tanzania and subsequent quarantine, I headed out to my nearest Royal Park on an unexpectedly sunny January day.

Whilst the main herd grazed and went about their business quietly, I saw this stag break off and strut towards a nearby grassy patch. He was in quite a mood, scraping the ground with his antlers and bucking in circles, unusual behaviour for this time of year.

Anticipating his next move, I made my way onto the game path I expected him to use. Luckily I chose correctly as he came straight towards me and I captured 'Stag Stand Off'. Instantly I knew I had captured something special and it is perhaps my favourite picture of a stag I have taken.

It is available at my online store in Standard and Large sizes as well as colour or monchrome. It is also limited to only 25 signed prints.

I hope you like it as much as I do and thanks for looking.


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