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Into The Wild: Vol.1 Gorillas

Into The Wild is a new behind-the-scenes, on location, short film series following my adventures (and hard work!!!) that go into getting some of my shots.

Volume 1 is all about my recent gorilla trekking experience. From the Babies of Bwindi to the Alphas of Mgahinga, the video will immerse you for a couple of minutes into the world of a photographer as I trek through the dense vegetation of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and have a close encounter with a huge Silverback gorilla in an attempt to get ‘that’ shot.

Getting sweaty, muddy and certainly not looking the best in front of camera, this is by no means an Oscar-worthy performance, nor are my editing skills up there with industry experts who have their behind-the-scenes videos made for them, but it is a bit of fun that I hope you will enjoy and appreciate.

As well as being entertaining and bringing some sunshine into your living room, I hope it demonstrates to you that it certainly takes a lot of time and perseverance to get a shot I am happy with. Anyone who has tried to photograph wild animals will back me up and say that you can prepare all you want, but sometimes you just need that bit of luck.

I will be creating these behind the scenes, on location, short films for the majority of my trips. I have a backlog of content from Tanzania, as well as more from Uganda to go through which will give you further insight into my trips. So stay tuned!

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If you see any pictures that you like, remember they are all available on the online store, so please fill in the online order form, or send me an email.

Thank you for looking.


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