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Germany, December 2020 - "Eye to Eye"


Dear Sam,

Thank you so much for the wonderful, awesome picture from the leopard. I love this picture so much and it was a really Great surprise at Christmas. [We] built a beautiful frame for the Leopard and now he Is in our Kitchen. Every time I pass the picture, I feels like the Leopard is looking in my eyes!!

I Hope, one day, we will meet up again somewhere in Africa in the bush! The Trip 2 years ago, was sooo beautiful, [...] we wish you all the best for 2021!

England, January 2021 - "Eye to Eye", 'Leopard of Londolozi', 'Leopard Look Out'


It's just arrived!

I am opening them up in bed like it is Christmas and I am in love. They are better than I could ever have dreamed.

Thank you so much!

© Copyright Sam Hankss Photography

England, February 2021 - "Ever Watchful'


Absolutely love it!

Even better than I thought.

Love that it is signed. Thank you!

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