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A Covid-19 Safari

For all of us, 2020 has been a very strange year indeed. With international travel grinding to a halt, it seemed that all of our travel dreams had bitten the bullet. As the year progressed though, small glimmers of light shone brightly through and for those wishing to do so, the opportunity of a life-time presented itself. Whilst the rest of the world remained at home, I ventured off to Tanzania on a fact-finding mission to see how the pandemic had affected a guest's safari experience.

Tanzania remains one of the only African countries not asking for proof of a negative Covid test to enter. It makes travelling stress free and enjoyable from the moment your trip is organised. Throughout my trip I visited Tarangire National Park, the Grumeti Private Reserve and the Serengeti National Park, staying at camps run by Nomad, Asilia and Singita.

Whilst all areas had only a handful of other visitors, I pretty much had the run of the parks all to myself, something unheard of in October before Covid. Whilst all my sightings were incredible throughout the trip, the highlights were the famous Mara River Crossings that no words can do justice. The sights, smells and sounds of seeing thousands of wildebeest plunge into the depths of the Mara as they risk their lives in search of greener pastures was beyond my wildest dreams. I hope my photos portray these incredible scenes, but deep down I know nothing truly can. With only three or four other vehicles at the crossings, it could not have been a more personal experience. In a normal year, numbers of vehicles at a Serengeti crossing can reach over thirty, whilst the Masai Mara has seen over one-hundred…

I was extremely impressed with the smooth running of operations and protocols the camps and airports had introduced. I would recommend anyone who can travel now, to do so. You won't regret it! If you are interested in purchasing any of the photos shown here, they are available on the online store. Thank you for looking.


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